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Deciding To Get Fit When You Are Busy

How do you squeeze in fitness when you have a busy life?

You know the drill you jump on the hamster wheel day in and day out. When could you possibly find room for fitness? If you are like some people by the end of the day all that you want to do is relax.

You have to decide if you will make time to get fit. Look for a time that you can work out whether it is in the morning or in the evening.

Determine if you are an early riser or if you would rather work out in the evenings. Personally I have always been a gal that prefers evening workouts. However, I started incorporating an early routine.

I have to admit it was tough to get up earlier than usual. I did it because I have always read it is important to have a morning routine. If that is the way successful people do it then I’m in.

Keep in mind to each their own. It’s whatever works out for you. Having a morning routine whether it is fitness, reading, meditating or whatever you choose to do regularly does increase your success level.

It adds to becoming disciplined daily. I know it has worked for me when I can wake up on my own without the alarm going off first. You are resetting your internal clock by the good habits that you implement.

Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s really a matter of choosing to incorporate it into your life. There are so many choices out there when you are ready to get fit.

Are you a person that likes to work out solo or do you need the social piece of a gym?

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Dreamers in Motion Series with Ivy Knight

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With my Dreamers in Motion column I interview some amazing people who are pursuing their passion. I hope to keep you all inspired with the people who I’m putting under the spotlight.

I think everyone deserves their moment to shine.

What if you found out that you were stronger than what you thought?

By stronger I mean physically and mentally. Ivy Knight found that out when she decided to get into powerlifting two and a half years ago. Check out her site and see what she is doing for a community of women:

What she has accomplished up until now I have found very inspiring. I came across her story on social media and wanted to share her perspective along with her mission.

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