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Marriage Woes Demystified

Ever felt the need to talk about keeping the love alive in your marriage?

Love is an emotion that evokes bliss, awe, wonder and sometimes havoc in our lives. To define love would take a long time for some and yet for others be explained in such a short span of time.

Where are you at in your relationship with love?

Love can be complicated, but it can also be so wonderful. In the beginning, there is the infamous honeymoon stage. This is where you really want to impress each other.

It’s that comfy space where you feel safe. There is no room for insecurities here. This is the place where you feel like impressing the other person.

What comes after the engagement phase?

Ah, here is the promise to commit to one another in the future. You get even more comfortable. Excitement enters the air as you plan the next phase of your new life together.

I mean who wouldn’t get excited about something like that?

Then the big day arrives and you officially tie the knot. You’re married now. You start to live happily ever after.

Does it really happen like this?

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