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Letting Go of Inhibitions Boosts Confidence

Ever read up on ways that you can enhance yourself?

Pick up any magazine and there will always be articles on things that can make you look better. Whether it is a hot new hair color, a sexy outfit or the latest beauty fad. Recently I was catching up on social media and noticed a picture of getting New Years Eve ready by getting a spray tan.

As a teen I grew up when tanning salons and laying outside in the sun were all the rage. I grew into becoming a woman and that all changed. Taking care of your skin became a priority.

Have you tried taking better care of your skin?

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Skin Care with Be Pure Beauty

Ever wonder what is in your skincare and makeup?

When you get the opportunity to meet up with other bloggers for a night at Be Pure Beauty in Durham, NC and the founder April Manring is the hostess you get your questions answered. Not only answered but creatively I might add.

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