Shopping Local with Swagger Boutique

There is something about supporting a local business that warms my heart. For me it meant shopping local with Swagger Boutique in Raleigh, NC. When I find out that a business is owned by a woman that makes it just as wonderful. To me that means it is a woman with a dream like myself.

I like the idea of being your own boss and always striving to do more with your dream. Mandy Krettus Becker is doing that very thing with her awesome boutique called Swagger. This is her second location with the first one located in Cary, NC.

Social media allows you to connect with some amazing people. It was through that platform that I found out about her MoMosa event recently. It was right before Mother’s Day and Skin Raleigh was there to give away a Cellfina treatment to one lucky winner.

Skin Raleigh
Skin Raleigh

Getting Pampered

Lauren Raines of Salon Blu at Falls Village was braiding hair for any customer that wanted a great summer look. Victoria Renfroe was glamming it up by giving women an eye makeover. She also included lashes to complete the look.

After seeing Mandy with her awesome braid, I decided to let Lauren work her magic on me as well. Why not? After getting my eye makeup done with Victoria I felt like I was ready to take on the rest of my day. For the record I did just that by having a girls night out with dinner and a movie.

Beautiful Apparel

Swagger offers a variety of things for all ages. Their line of clothing is perfect for anyone that wants to spruce up their wardrobe. Creating a new look is a win too.

Better than perfect jeans

Mandy helped me pick out a pretty tank in a gunmetal type of color. I found a unique top that had the most interesting sleeves. Plus, the fact that it was red won me over immediately. I loved her selection of jewelry and I couldn’t help, but eye her cute selection of jeans.

If you are looking for a gift there are so many cute things here. The only thing that you will have trouble with is deciding what to pick.

Great Selection of Jewelry

Jewelry at Swagger

Did I mention I loved their jewelry selection? That will be next on my list of things to buy there. So many pretty things and I felt like a kid at a candy shop.

Earrings and necklace

What I like about their selection is that there is a variety of different pieces. You can glam up any casual outfit in seconds. From a dress to a sexy top and jeans you can bet you will find your accessories to go with it.

Don’t Forget Your Handbag

This boutique has some gorgeous handbags that range in prices and sizes. If you are looking for a unique clutch they have those too. I fell in love with a straw clutch with black pom poms around the top of it.

Yes, I wanted that one too.

Unique Clutch

Well there you have it. I love finding new places to visit and especially one as cute as this. I will be back soon to visit this lovely place.

Sometimes it is easier when someone else can imagine me in clothing and accessories that they think are flattering for me. Who knows maybe I can get Mandy to style me in my colors. Now that would be a treat.