A Supportive Community Strengthens Your Dream

A supportive community strengthens your dream. Building a community helps you tackle on tough projects. Those projects can consist of big and small goals. Surrounding yourself with folks that get what you are doing is crucial.

First thing to accept is that those closest to you may not always have your vision. That is okay. It’s not for everyone.

Look for people that are on a similar path. Network when you can whether that is work related or socially. Be genuine when you do it.

Be that person that lifts and empowers someone else. The type of person that someone else can look up to and appreciate.

Get Comfortable with Fear

Are you shy?

It’s time to embrace your fearless side. Everyone has that side. Often it is sitting on the sidelines waiting to be invited.

Maybe you haven’t noticed that it is there, but it is. Learning how to step away from being shy and jumping into being fearless doesn’t come easy. It takes guts.

It takes a strong enough will to want to accomplish your goal to get you there. If you haven’t succeeded at something have you asked yourself why not?

Allowing the Fails to Prepare You

Not succeeding right away doesn’t mean that you won’t ever succeed. Being able to fail and get back up takes grit.

It’s the desire to prove to yourself that you indeed will succeed. The first time that you fail at something is easier than the times after that. Failing the first time preps you for those multiple fails.

It is when you fail that you begin to question your path. You begin to doubt if you are meant to do that thing or not.

Failures will season you for the future. Your future self is depending on you failing. Sounds silly right?

For example, when I first started my hobby of archery I literally knew nothing. I had no prior knowledge of the sport. All I had in my back pocket was the desire to learn.

I knew from the beginning that I would fail, a lot. I wasn’t even strong enough in the beginning and I had to join a gym and a trainer to prep me for upper body strength.

Guess what happened?

I missed so many times. My form was off as well. It was awkward and uncomfortable too.

Here’s the good news. Eventually I got stronger, I developed muscle strength and my aim along with my form improved.

It didn’t happend overnight, but it did happen over time. A lot of it because I trained for it. That’s the same thing that happens with your dream.

Be Patient with Success

That is the hardest part: being patient with succeeding. It’s a test. You versus you. To see if you are willing to fall, get back up and shake it off then repeating it.

Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? I can tell you from experience that it is that and so much more. Take all of the hard parts of failing and write down the worst case scenario. It’s not as scary as you make it out to be.

In the end the worst part of failing doesn’t mean that it is the end. In fact it is only the start of something wonderful. It doesn’t have to be a race. Rather it is a process meant to teach you a little bit here and there.

Expect to be frustrated. It comes with the territory. Yet, remember to always circle back to patience and lean on your community to help empower you to keep going.

Your community is there waiting for you to vent, to rejoice and all of the in between stuff too. Now is the time to find and hold on to the very people that believe in you.

The kind of belief that if you dig deep enough you’ll see was there all along.