Archery Tournament a Godsend

I’ve been practicing archery for a couple of years now. I do not practice every week and only do it on occasion. The times that I have practiced with Christine I make sure that I do my best.

I found Christine Harrelson in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and am happy to say that she has taught me all that I know. A year ago, we had talked about entering a local tournament, but I got cold feet.

Have you ever been afraid to do something out of your comfort zone?

Entering a tournament certainly felt that way for me. It is one thing to do it for yourself as a hobby. It’s another thing to do it with a bunch of other more experienced archers.

I found out about this tournament at the last minute and signed up for it. The minute I signed up I knew that I was obligated to see it through.

Feeling Pressure

Let’s talk about pressure. Pressure is what you feel when you need to get something done. I practiced the day before the event at Buttermilk Creek Outfitters in Burlington, North Carolina.

I left the outdoor range feeling confident and more at ease. Then came the night of the tournament at First Flight Archery in Raleigh, North Carolina. A different feeling altogether. Talk about a case of the jitters and I’m pretty sure I wanted to throw up when I got there.

I felt that I wasn’t qualified to be there. I thought who am I to compete with these people? They seemed to know what to do and what to expect.

In that moment I was convinced that I wanted to quit. Nobody wants to be labeled as a quitter. To me that’s worse. Not ever knowing what might have been.

As much as I thought I was ready to throw in the towel I didn’t. Christine reminded me of what I needed to do and all that I already knew. The only thing different that night was that my self-talk wasn’t in sync with the real me. The me that knew better than to quit.

The me that always knew I’d enter a tournament and that despite being scared I had to do it anyway. That is how this tournament was a godsend. It taught me to face my fears and to reach for my confident self.

Occasionally your courage decides to take a hiatus. I woke up my inner courage and stayed in the tournament until I finished. I was on the verge of giving up, but am so glad that I didn’t.

My oldest son was there, and I knew that he was there to support me. He was my anchor. Plus, the sweet girls that were in my group MaryHunter and Kayli were the absolute best!

Have you ever started something scary and finished it?

Despite the fear I did end up enjoying myself. There are times in life that you simply must ignore your doubt. Self-doubt will keep you from some amazing things meant for you.


There will be another tournament coming up and I am going to sign up for that one too. Now I know where my strength and weaknesses are. You can bet that I will be practicing more often.

That is how you learn and get better. Everyone starts somewhere and we all end up where we are meant to go.

Are you ready to conquer your fears too?

Getting Out of Your Own Way