Street Hope Great Gatsby Gala

One of my all-time favorite novels is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Imagine how happy I was to be invited to the Street Hope Great Gatsby Gala recently in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It took place at the Horace Williams House for a night of dancing, a silent auction, a delicious dinner and fun with others that were there to support a great cause.

The Great Gatsby brings back memories of my days in Ohio. When I worked at a high school my dear friend Heidi had her students read it each year and we would watch the movie. Robert Redford will remain a classic as Jay Gatsby in the 1974 version and Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job portraying him in 2013.

Arriving at the Horace Williams House I immediately felt the atmosphere transport me back in time. An era of glamour, beautiful attire and music. Walking along the brick walkway towards the back of the house I immediately was drawn to the scene before me.

The evening included a dance tutorial by a professional couple. Guests were invited to hit the dance floor to step into the dance of that era. After a few demonstrations couples were dancing to their own beat and with a little added flair.

great gatsby dancing
Dancing the night away.


Great Gatsby
Great Gatsby dancing at its finest.

Giving Back

Part of giving back means that people can attend events such as these and find out more about what happens in other countries. There is always a way to give to a great cause.

In another room of the house there were photographs presented by Molly Stillman that were taken in Kenya. The photographs spoke for themselves. One might expect to see solemn and dark photos, but not in the ones that were presented.

Instead you saw individuals that were quite the opposite. In fact, the photographs highlighted moments of genuine happiness. Alll of this because Street Hope made a difference in their part of the world.

Amy Lynn Kelley
Amy Lynn Kelley in a beautiful photo by Molly Stillman.

Guests had the opportunity to bid on some excellent items through a silent auction. The Umstead Hotel and Spa was one of many items available. I got outbid, but still had a chance to give back. I chose to feed a family for a week by donating $50.

street hope
Silent Auction item: Umstead Hotel and Spa.
Street Hope
Donation opportunity that fed a family for one week.

About Street Hope

Street Hope helps to offer assistance to those that are victims of the sex industry in Eastern Africa. It is an organization that helps to offer hope and opportunity for a better way of living in current poverty stricken areas.

Have you ever given back to your community or to a great cause?

The opportunities are out there and if you look you will find them. Be sure that they are a fit for you. If you would like to learn more about Street Hope feel free to go their website for more information on how you may get involved. Amy Lynn Kelley is the Co-Founder along with her daughter Anna Grace Kelley.

Street Hope
Amy Lynn Kelley was a wonderful hostess with a mission dear to her heart.

The Street Hope Great Gatsby Gala was a night to remember. I spent it getting to know people and even had a caricature done as another way to keep the memory alive. It’s not easy hearing how others live in other parts of the world, but this was a great way to bring out awareness about it.

I encourage you to look at how you would like to give back in your neck of the woods or to an organziation that is offering hope the way that Street Hope is doing.

In the meantime I will do my best to try and learn some of those amazing dance moves. The ones that used to be all the rage as the affluent society of West Egg once did all while remembering how Gatsby was drawn to the green light at the end of the dock.