Ask Lucy: Loving Yourself

This week I’m covering a topic that one of my friends asked me to write about. She wanted me to write about loving yourself. This can mean different things and it will certainly vary for everyone.

Have you ever noticed putting everyone else first and neglecting yourself in the process? There are times when you must put others before you. Then there are times that you have to take some time to love yourself too.

Although as women we mean well it’s easy to forget that we are important too. We are the doers, the multi-taskers and the wonder women of the world. We chase the clock and try to squeeze all that we can into the twenty-four hours that we are given.

Any self-care moments we might grab on the go or forget all together. Obligations can lead to getting a busy schedule instead of a schedule that is meaningful.

How do you love yourself?

It is a question that deserves an answer. First, figure out why you might not be loving yourself the way that you deserve. Does it make you feel guilty if you do things that make you happy? It doesn’t make you selfish if that is what comes to mind first.

Or are you someone that has been hurt by a traumatic experience and feel that it is easier to do more for others? While it is commendable to put others before you it is important to embrace where you are presently.

Where do you want to go from here?

Start by looking in the mirror and appreciating the person that you see. Yes you. You are the one in control of your own happiness.

It is up to you to shed the mom guilt, the wife guilt, and any other kind of guilt that isn’t real. What is real is that you get to take it from here.

Go have the latte with the whipped cream. Go buy that little black dress. Have a ball not doing a darn thing at all. Maybe for you it is saying no to others for the first time.

Treat yourself to being sexy for a day. Get out of your element enough to discover more reasons to feel good about yourself.

Loving yourself is like getting in that convertible with the top down. Driving with the wind blowing through your hair and enjoying the ride to your destination.

It’s about feeling extra special because you decided to do you. Every woman deserves to feel refreshed and liberated by saying yes.

Loving yourself will make you more aware of the crown that you deserve to wear. You will still be a great mom, a great friend and all the in between that takes place along the way.

Are you ready to start wearing your crown like you mean it?