3 Ways to Finish Strong with Goals in 2017

Some people decide that when it comes to the months of November and December that it’s time to take a break. The hustle and the bustle of the holiday season have a tendency to put things on the back burner. For good reason too if you are the type that does a lot of holiday entertaining.

What if you could redirect some of that time to your goals?

Write it Down

First, write down your goals in a notebook. What did you want to accomplish at the beginning of the year? Compare that to what you want to accomplish now in this season. Are your goals similar or different? It is easy to feel ambitious at first only to find out later that it wasn’t easy after all.

The reason a goal becomes difficult is because you set up obstacles for yourself or the biggest culprit is making excuses. It’s more pleasing to explain why you didn’t accomplish your goals if you back it up with a reason. You can give quick reasons on why some goals didn’t work.

When you do that it hinders you from starting and finishing your goals.

Take Actionable Steps

Goals take action. Without action they are a mere wish or simple thought. If your goal is to start getting fit it will mean becoming active. If you want to finish strong than you will have to start a fitness routine.

Maybe you want to switch careers. Figure out what you need to do to get there. Start the process.

Finish What You Started

This is the part that matters the most. Your dreams and goals depend on it. Would you build half of a house and not finish it? Of course not. Your goals are similar. They deserve to be completed. Those goals are part of your puzzle.

They consist of hard work, sacrifice and determination. Once you go through those steps you have the pleasure of getting to the other side of your goals.

The part where they are no longer a what if or a maybe. Where you see the fruits of your labor come to life simply because you didn’t quit.

So finish strong, ditch the excuses and set out to dictate crossing your finish line this year.

Are you in?

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