Celebrating My Blog Vintage Style

Reinventing myself through the eyes of a lens was a great feeling. You see before launching my blog I didn’t feel comfortable taking photos. I’m not ashamed to say that because it is part of my story. It is what is unique to me as an individual. If you want the story behind that see the link at the end of this post.

Here is what happens when you are a creative. You start thinking of your vision. You imagine what you want to create and then how you will create it.

On this journey, you must be willing to do things outside of the norm. For me it was getting all dressed up with a beautiful dress.

Along the way you find people who will see that vision and then make it a reality. That is what I did when I sought out to find my photographer for my first-year blog anniversary. I knew that this photo shoot would have to be as incredible as my first one.

I was looking to have fun and simply be comfortable in my own skin. Trusting someone else to do my makeup is something that I have been working on. Letting go and not being in control is a big deal.

I have found that I must trust the process and do it anyway. The great thing about doing it is that I get to see how others see me.

What I found most fun was deciding what to wear. I have always been a big fan of vintage clothing. This was an opportunity to indulge in it. Over the summer I was introduced to Canela Vintage based out of San Antonio, Texas.

Vintage Inspired

Elisa has a flair for picking out a variety of vintage clothing. The day that she posted her “Scorpion Dress” I knew that I had to have it. Yes, she literally had to conquer a scorpion to get it. I love having a story behind the dress.

This year I wanted a vintage vibe with a glamorous edge. Subtle, yet sexy too. I felt I deserved it after a year of hard work. It also happened to be my birthday too.

Photo shoots have a way of making you imagine that you are someone else. The lens of a camera can help you discover another side of you. When you are a busy woman you can appreciate taking time for yourself.

Being a mother, wife and working full-time along with writing keeps me on my toes. Yet, it still inspires me to keep on doing more. That is the beauty of chasing your dream and making things happen.

My Lucchese cowboy boots paired up well with my vintage inspired lace vest. It is my go to vest to wear over a nice cami and a nice pair of jeans.

vintage Lucy Brummett
Photo Credit:

What do you feel best in when you take photos?

I can say that this photo shoot felt like a huge celebration. I could do something that meant a lot to me. It made me reflect on all that I had shared with my readers over the course of the year.

Thank you to all of you that have read my blog and shared my content with others. I am in awe of the incredible connections that I have made because of it. I hope that you are doing what it takes to pursue your passion.

It is worth doing and you get a wonderful reward for it all. The pleasure of saying that you are glad that you pursued your dream. It is about accomplishing that impossible thing that started in your heart. The dream that keeps you up at night because you know you should do it.

vintage dress Lucy
Photo credit: WrightDesign75

Your dream may be different from others, but do it anyway.  My dream has me going in a great direction and I hope that yours will too. Listen to what is inside of your heart.

Do the work, make the sacrifices, push through the fear and do one thing: believe that you will.

Are you ready to celebrate with your future self?