A Year in Review of Lula Lucy

You might call her my alter ego, but I like to think of her as my sidekick. Who knew that a year ago this month I would embark on this dream of mine. Following your passion doesn’t happen by accident. Being intentional despite fear or uncertainty is what it takes to move forward.

It is the very thing that I did. I have started and not finished my pursuits many times. All because I didn’t believe enough. Let me share my journey with you.

How I got from then to now. The birth of Lula Lucy was inspired by sitting down over coffee with Linda Mendible. We had met at church. Little did I know that she would inspire me to be more.

I knew I needed an online presence. As a writer it is a given. However, I put it off as long as I could because deep down I never wanted to fail.

I was a writer way before blogging was even a thing. My start took place doing Op-Ed pieces in a newspaper and I wrote for free for quite a while.

We all start somewhere don’t we?

Becoming Lula Lucy

In 2016 before ever speaking with Linda I had planned on taking some photos for my family. Being a mom you get accustomed to taking pictures of everyone except yourself. What were supposed to be pics to give to my family turned into a photo shoot for my blog.

Around this time I had a custom painting done by the very talented Dan Campbell and he decided to call it “Woman with a Dream.” Every time that I looked at that painting I was inspired to do more. So you see when your passion calls on you things start to align as they should.

In the beginning I was on the hunt for my writing voice. I questioned if I even had one. I reached out to succesful bloggers to ask how to find it.

How do you really answer that kind of question though?

They reassured me that I would find it all on my own. There was not a magic formula to make it so. It simply was something that would come naturally. Plus, I would know it and feel it in my gut.

This past year has taught me what I’m capable of. It has shown me that it takes time, sacrifice, dedication and to never quit. That right there is what I consider to be the secret sauce: never quitting.

Have you ever started your dream and then quit?

That will be the only way it will not work for you. Finding your passion and sticking with it takes courage. The only person that will ever be in your way is you.

I have been in my way several times and guess what happened? It delayed my efforts and my end result. I try my best to push past it and do it anyway.

Throughout my years prior to this I had always been searching on what I should do. Who was I for? What was my part in this big world? Serious questions to ponder over. All while being a mom, a wife, a friend and the countless other hats that I wore.

What I have found is that it is okay to question your calling. Digging deep on who you are and what your passion is will give you your answer. The minute you are true to yourself is when you will get the answers that you seek.

You could keep searching aimlessly without a plan or you could embrace what you want to be. Lula Lucy has been a joy in my life this past year. It has taken me out of my comfort zone and also given me wonderful opportunities.

I have helped to inspire others through my writing and I my intention is to continue to write from my heart. I have learned that I must be vulnerable at times, but doing so opens me up to much more.

Writing has taken me to Detroit, Michigan to interview a safety engineer at General Motors and to test drive a Malibu Hybrid. I learned about their teen driver technology. All because I pushed myself to do my best.

It has connected me with other amazing writers and bloggers. I’ve met amazing people in other circles that have been a huge blessing in my life.

People like Judy Goss and Kristin West of What Women Want Radio. Chef Serena Poon, Andrea Minski, Amy Boyle and Rocio Ocampo. This never would have happened if I had not believed in my potential as a writer. Also, if I hadn’t said yes to my own dream.

Was this past year worth it?

Absolutely! There were many sleepless nights, doubts and fear, but knowing what could be was my fire. That internal flame that you can’t extinguish. It’s in you. You only have to take that leap to recognize it.

Ask yourself: if you had the opportunity right now would you say yes to your dream?

  • Congratulations on your journey and growth. You’re so inspiring!! I love how Linda’s friendship helped you blossom. That’s true friendship!! I wish you even more success and growth Lula Lucy!

    • Thank you so much! Your kind words mean a lot. It has been an awesome journey and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.