New School Year Requires New Goals

It’s that time of year again as students get ready to go back to school. Here is a chance to talk about back to school goals. Students need to know that they have your support with a new school year.

Have you talked about new school year goals with your child?

If your child is in elementary school start out by asking simple questions. Ask what he or she hopes to learn with the new school year. Maybe they want to become a better reader or become more proficient in math.

Write it down on a piece of notebook paper and hang it up on the fridge. This way they will be able to see it as a reminder daily. Their reward will be checking off each goal as they complete it.

Evaluate Goals After One Month

If your child gets off track after a month or so sit down and talk about their goals again. Always ask how their day went. Make it a point to talk about the good and the bad things.

Getting the chance to release it all helps get it off their chest and then it becomes easier to refocus on the things that are important to them.

When your child is in middle school or high school it is a good idea that they get plenty of sleep. Tips for success include: being organized, having bottled water throughout the day and being on time. It is about going back to the basics.

A new year as a pre-teen or teen comes with its share of pressures and struggles. Especially by their peers and with social media being so popular. Make sure to strike up a conversation whenever you can get them to talk about their day.

Teens are a different sort of child because they want to share less and their happiness seems to come more from technology. Another tip would be to identify when social media is becoming a hindrance or nuisance.

By talking to your child you become aware if they are being bothered by their peers. Keep an eye out for any signs that might point to any kind of bullying. Reassure your child that it is okay to talk about the hard stuff and that you will both work together to find a resolution.

Finding A Balance

All children deserve a balance between their schoolwork, family, friends and any extra-curricular activities. Try to find ways for them to stay physically active and enjoy a creative outlet.

Find a happy medium with their goals where they will stay encouraged rather than discouraged. Explain that failing at something does not mean that they won’t be successful. Failing means that they are trying.

Last, but not least tell them how proud you are of them. Let them know that anything is possible. Our children are capable of so many great things with their goals. It is up to us to ensure that they know that all goals are possible with hard work.

I know that you and your child will start writing down their goals and doing it with intention.

Are you ready for an amazing new school year with new goals?

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