Embracing Your Inner Warrior

Chasing your goals depends on your determination to complete them. You get to decide if you want to pursue them or not. When the going gets tough you must embrace your inner warrior.

Have you ever met your inner warrior?

You might encounter your inner warrior when you feel like giving up on your goals. This warrior has been with you for a long time. It usually won’t make an appearance until you feel like fighting for something.

What are you fighting for?

Maybe it is finding the courage to leave an uncomfortable environment that is toxic to your goals. Perhaps you have been trying to lose a few pounds, you want to take the leap with your dream or leave your current job to find your dream job.

Goals are there for a reason. It’s an opportunity to have happiness with your life, be a role model for others and gives you the motivation to strive for more.

What do you do when fear sets in?

Don’t forget about the naysayers that think your goals or dreams are ridiculous. This is about the time that you want to go run and hide. Some people do and end up going with the flow with what society thinks they should do.

They shy away from their potential to succeed because they fall prey to being insecure. Insecurity comes from not believing what you have the potential of doing. You are too worried about failure.

Ask yourself what you are willing to do.

Fight for your dreams and goals every step of the way. Yes, it can be scary. However, if you embrace your inner warrior your end result will be your reward.

Think of your inner warrior as that one friend who is ready to stand up for you. It’s that friend that feeds you inspiration at the perfect time. A time when you think something is impossible.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it consumed your thoughts?

If you look at it as more than a whim or a hobby it grows into something bigger. You end up feeding your desire with willpower.

Your inner warrior has an ample supply of willpower. It also gives you a healthy dose of faith in your abilities. Think of your inner warrior as being available to you day or night.

Be someone who is willing to go the extra mile. Would you rather be known for having the guts to go after something or be known for quitting when things got hard?

Let me tell you regret is powerful. Regret keeps you from moving forward. It keeps you in the same spot.

It is a lot like that gum that you step on that gets stuck to your shoe. It feels unpleasant. It’s your job to get rid of it.

Are you feeling stuck?

If you are feeling stuck push past it and do the uncomfortable tasks first. The tasks that you have been avoiding. These are usually the hardest and the ones that you are most afraid of doing.

Do yourself a favor and believe that you will be successful. Say no to the things that are not in agreement with your goals. The things that will make you take two steps backwards instead of forward.

Make decisons when you have a clear head. When you make quick decisions based on your emotions it can blur your vision with your dream.

Don’t be afraid of embracing your inner warrior to propel you forward. Use it as a catalyst to continue accomplishing all of the good things. The things that you will be most proud of.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Lucy Brummett
Photo by SmileNation Photography


By staying focused and embracing your inner warrior you raise your chances of succeeding. Where do you want to be in a week, a month or one year?

Next level achievement only happens to those that do the work. The type of people that do it despite being afraid or lacking confidence. People that allow their inner warrior to help them.

You owe it to yourself to embrace your inner warrior today. Your prize is waiting on you. It is ready to reveal itself to you when you decide to go for it.

Now is the time to push away doubt. You have already scratched the surface with your goals.

Your inner warrior is there inside of you. It has been waiting patiently all along. Even when you didn’t realize it.

Are you ready to take your dream and goals to the next level?

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