Have you had to confront your biggest fear yet?

I have always admired people who can go on rope courses and who can go zip lining. It takes a certain level of bravery to do that. Personally, I have had a fear of heights ever since I can remember.

It took me quite some time to even attempt getting on a plane. However, if I ever wanted to get anywhere I knew that I had to get used to it. Over the years I noticed I’m not quite the thrill seeker when it comes to certain rollercoasters either.

That was teenage life. When you lived life without fear. It was easier to do those kind of things way back then.

I met Amanda McClellan at the Southern Womens Show and she told me about Treerunner Adventure opening up in the summer. She invited me to come out and give it a try sometime.

Here are some facts about me. I’m afraid of heights, but I still ride rollercoasters and have taken a helicopter ride. I love both. However, I don’t try to go to the third floor at my job unless I have to. If I do then I walk up the steps on the wall side versus the rail side.

Sounds weird right?

Meeting Amanda must have been fate because the next thing I knew we were collaborating and setting it up on our calendars. I recruited my business bestie Linda Mendible to shoot my pics.


Treerunner Adventure Park is located at 12804 Norwood Rd. in Raleigh, NC. It was super easy to get to and a short drive for me to get there. I scheduled my visit in the morning and was fortunate to have two other ladies in my group Beverly and Lee. It was their first time too.

We were introduced to Cole Whittaker who took us through the basics of the equipment and a mini rope course. The clips attached to my lanyard were a little tricky at first. After a few tries it got easier. The good news is that everyone gets to practice before they attempt the real course.

Did I mention that this whole time I was stepping out of my comfort zone?

I don’t even climb ladders, let alone make plans to do zip lining. I never thought I would try it and here I was doing it.

Erica Erway guided us all to the rope net to begin our climb to the first platform. I was excited and intimidated at the same time. I had to remind myself that it was up to me to go through with it no matter what.

zip line
Getting the details from Erica Erway.

At the top of the net was our next awesome guide Toya (Shatoya) Alexander. She said all the right words of encouragement. Along with that I would like to thank the countless hours that I have spent at the gym and practicing archery to be able to try this place.

Do you have to be fit to do this?

No, but it does help you if you have been. I had the choice of picking the pink, yellow or green course. Toya suggested the pink as a starter course and I went with her suggestion. Pink sounded friendly enough for me.

How scary could it be?

rope course
Here I am debating whether or not to do this with Toya.

Toya had complete faith in me. I’m sure she got a kick out of me too. I’m pretty sure I made her laugh with my hesitation and prolonging my next move. After much support and coaxing from her I was able to get started on the course.

What I wasn’t prepared for was my next task. On the other side of a platform were three hanging wooden barrel like structures that I had to crawl through. Crawling in the air I was not prepared for of course.

zip line course
Unclipping off the halo to clip on to the regular steel cable.

Can I say that I didn’t move from that little platform for about thirty minutes?

rope course
When fear set in and I am contemplating doing this.

It was during this time that I questioned why I thought it had been a good idea in the first place. I contemplated quitting, I wanted my mom (By the way I’ll always need her) and I was worried about letting down my readers too.

How could I write about something that I didn’t finish?

There is no fun in that. Fear has a way of preventing you from moving forward. At that moment I recruited a nice young man named Matt Laing from below to get advice on how to move forward.

Bless his heart he stayed with me until I was brave enough to go through it. Linda was down below encouraging me and reminding me how much time that she had left with me. These two things were my saving grace and motivation to keep on going.

Yes, I still wanted my mom. To most this course would be considered a blast, but if you are afraid of heights it is a true test.

What I did was get in the right frame of mind. During all of this I had asked Beverly, Lee and another couple to go before me. They made it look super easy!

Matt kept convincing me that once I went in that I could do it too. So thirty minutes later there I was crawling through it and still praying to Jesus! When you are afraid of heights you have all kinds of things going through your brain.

rope course

What if it breaks? What if I fall? What if I can’t do it? What if I get stuck?

Those thoughts were all lies that I fed myself and instead I started believing that I could do this. The rest of the course was a lot of fun and I started feeling pretty empowered too.

rope course
Yay I made it to the other platform!

That alone was worth it to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to be with and an incredible staff. They exceeded my expectations with customer service and if you are afraid of heights do it anyway. I encourage you to try.

zip line
The zip line part was a lot of fun. Thank goodness Lee was there to help catch me and being able to land on that little piece of wood.

I felt like a little kid on the zip line portion and I felt that it was my reward for doing the rest of it.

Was I embarrassed to let other people see my fear? Not really, but I would have been more embarrassed if I had quit. That was also my motivation.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see Beverly and Lee again. I’ll forever be grateful for their laughs and encouragement though.

rope course
Feeling pretty darn great after I did it.

Doing this course was to conquer my fear of heights, but it also represented a lot more. I figured if I could do this I could do anything. All my dreams have the potential of coming true because I stepped out of my comfort zone.

rope course
This is Matt Lang and I am thankful for his faith in me.

A lot of cool things happen when you start facing your fears and stepping out in faith. In my case I stepped off a platform. Would I ever go back and do it again? You bet I would. I’ll take it one course at a time.

team building
Want to be part of team building? Check out the story behind this little gadget with Treerunner Adventure Park.

If you are feeling exceptionaly brave ask them about the TruBlue gadget on their course. That one will give you an incentive to take a leap of faith for sure.

zip line
Cole Whittaker giving me a high five for completing the course.

Maybe I’ll do the green or yellow course the next time around. Each one will probably come with its own set of challenges and I won’t check it out in advance to see what part might scare me. Instead I’ll simply let my courage take the wheel for a change and tell fear it can no longer occupy space in the back seat.


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