Ever feel like you were the luckiest to have your mom as your best friend?

I read about this topic all of the time. Most of the time it has to do with younger kids and that a mom shouldn’t be your best friend. However, when you’re an adult as I am, then I cherish that additional title for my mom. She truly is my biggest fan.

You see without her where would I truly be today. In this very moment. Would I have the desire to pursue my dreams in the way that I have? To marry when I did and start a family too? I don’t think so.

My mom has been so influential and supportive all of my life. That is why I truly feel lucky. To have a relationship of such understanding and meaning with her.

Mothers have the pleasure of raising their children and guiding them each step of the way. It’s part of their role in helping us find our way. I’m forever grateful to her for that.

I hold many memories of my mom. She has this incredible sense of humor and she makes small talk wherever she goes. The gift of gab is her specialty and any stranger that she talks with will feel they have known her for a long time.

I am fairly certain that this is where I get my small talk vibe from. I love to do the same with people who I meet. Striking up friendly conversations as I encounter them.

She is that person that even if it has been months since you have seen her, you pick up where you left off. Many miles separate us, but we communicate almost daily.

What is your favorite memory of your mom?

I remember when I was little and I was driving during a rainstorm with her. I was in the back seat and she had to pull over because it was raining that hard. As a little kid I remember being terrified of the storm, yet comforted by her presence. I didn’t have to feel alone.

She has always been a nurturer. Like mother like daughter holds true. As mothers we have a tendency to want to protect our children.

I can remember some of her favorite things to make and the way that she took care of my sisters and I growing up. She has been a great mother all of my life.

My beautiful mom

One thing that she has always instilled in me is to never be stingy with your food. You share it freely and don’t ever question it. To be a giving soul whenever possible to those less fortunate also.

I do wish that I lived closer to both of my parents, but life takes over and sometimes that means being farther apart. I’m not always happy of the time that we are separated, but am grateful when we do get to be together.

It’s always a memorable experience. The next time that she visits us there will be changes for her to embrace. For instance our youngest has a driver’s license now. Definitely a new thing in our family.

If you are lucky to have your parents near you go visit them as much as you can. If they are no longer with you on this earth take this time to reflect on the awesome memories. They are never forgotten.

My mom has always had a sense of humor too. That makes time with her even better because there is always laughter involved. We act silly together and our kids love spending time with her. They too always pick up where they left off with her.

Traditions are a big part of remembering times spent with my mom. For example, when she visits we play spanish bingo too. Before that she loves to go pick up some dollar tree gifts and that is what we get to pick from when we win a game.

It’s all about the little things. The things that make you cherish time spent together all the more. Sharing coffee with her I enjoy as well and taking her out to eat. She doesn’t always get to eat at the places that we do so I love to treat her to it.

What aren’t you willing to do for your mom right?

Our mothers need us the same way that we need them. Plain and simple. As I write this I’m already thinking of when I’ll get to see my mom again too. Thank goodness for face time and being able to see each other that way.

Have to love technology right?

South Padre Island holds dear memories for me too growing up. Now as an adult this is where I go to stay with my mom when I visit. What was once a beach without all of the fluff is now a tourist attraction. It is as much fun being there now because of the new memories that we continue making.

This Mother’s Day I wish you the best when you spend time with your mom. If she is not here anymore for you I pray that you are comforted with your own personal memories and you get a chance to remember the good times regardless.

There is a comfort in knowing that no matter what your situation is that this Mothers Day will remain special nonetheless. To my own mother I wish to say: Thank you for raising me the way that you have and I can only hope to be as great with our kids as you were for me.

I look forward to my Mothers Day also. It’s not so much about the gifts although they are nice to receive. For me I’d rather have that time together. That is something that you can’t put a price tag on.

Feel free to share this with a good friend and as always thank you.

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