In this weeks Ask Lucy segment the question comes from Yvonne.

“I have been working a 9-5 job for as long as I can remember. The job has been good to me and is fairly easy. My only dilemma is that I feel in my gut that I need to pursue my true passion. I know what I am passionate about. I’d rather not say what it is, but feel I need direction on what I should do. Do I stay with the traditional job that has a retirement plan along with security? Or do I pursue what is in my heart even though it’s out of my safety net?”

Ah! This one hits home for me. A lot of people who venture towards their dream have had these types of questions. Working in a traditional job has many benefits. You get sick time, vacation time, health insurance and a retirement plan usually. Those are not things to take lightly.

Are you happy though in the end?

When it is all said and done do you feel fulfilled at the end of the day?

We all have a purpose or even call it a destiny if you will. It is up to discover what that purpose is. What do you feel that you are being called to do?

Why does it touch your heart the way that it does?

Going after your dream feels a lot like opening a gift. It doesn’t matter if you are young, middle-aged or older. That feeling in the very core of your soul is the real thing.

The scariest thing about going after that is deciding whether or not to quit your day job. Is there a right or wrong answer to this? It all depends on your situation.

Either you can afford to let go of your security net or you can’t. If you can’t it doesn’t mean that you will never pursue it full-time. It only means that this is the way it will be temporarily.

Having a full-time job should never be an excuse to not do what you are passionate about. All that you have to do is schedule in the time that you can go after your dream. You dictate when you can work on it.

Start by grabbing a notebook. Write down all of the reasons why you work your 9-5 job. List all of the pros and cons in continuing or quitting your current position.

Now look at your true passion and write down all of the reasons for pursuing your dream full-time. Compare both lists side by side.

How do you feel?

Do you feel motivated to do something? Does it make you anxious to get started?

It should and if it does then you know you are on to something. You will know it in your gut. It’s a little hard to ignore it.

When you have found your passion it will keep you up at night. You will find yourself daydreaming about it. You will envision what life will look like in your future.

I can tell you it is worth it. I have worked a full-time job all of my working life. I look forward to the day that I can pursue my dream strictly full-time. However, in the meantime I am grateful that I can do both.

That is the beauty of deciding whether or not to pursue your dream. You don’t let anything stand in your way. You decide whether or not to take the leap.

When you share your dream with others you may not always get their support. It is okay to ask those that you trust, but always prepare yourself if they try to talk you out of it. They mean well and it is okay to get the opinion of other people.

Ultimately, you are the one that will decide what to do. If you have a significant other ask for their feedback as well. What is the worst case scenario if you don’t follow your passion?

If you had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of your life in the future what would that look like?

It would still be you, but your career would either be your 9-5 job or that dream that takes over your thoughts. I tend to look at pursuing my dream the same way that you look at an hourglass. Each grain of sand represents opportunities that I can take by putting in the time and effort to make my dream a reality.

Going after your dream means that you will have to work hard. Even though you work hard it is rewarding. That is what being happy is all about. That no matter what you are doing something that you love.

If you dread going to bed on Sunday night and going to work on Monday that says a lot. Life is meant to be lived daily not only on the weekends. A career that makes you happy isn’t always about making the money or having a particular title.

Think it through and remember to be true to yourself. You are the lucky one that gets to decide your future. Where you want to be and where you feel you belong.

Are you ready to take that leap?

Feel free to share this with a friend and as always thank you.

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