Ever wonder what might happen if you pushed past doubt?

Doubt can loom over you like a dark cloud. If you allow it to have its way that is. It is a surefire way to prevent you from achieving success. Think of the reasons behind your doubt.

Doubt can hold you back for years. It’s all part of that negative self-talk that we often fall victim to. Ever look at someone else that was making it and you felt that you could never get that success too?

Feed your mind with positive affirmations to help you stay encouraged. Your mind is similar to a sponge. It absorbs the good and the bad.

Why not help it absorb the positive self-talk instead?

Maybe you have a desire to pursue your dream, but are afraid that you aren’t going to be good enough. When we see other people who are successful it can feel overwhelming in the beginning. Remember that it all takes time though.

Patience is truly a virtue. It is hard to do especially when you are anxious in completing your goals. However, it is important to do it with the right expectations.

You don’t have to go after your dream at a snail’s pace, but you can be more intentional about it. Focus on the actions that you are taking as you continue to grow. Quality versus quantity.

Try not to get stuck worrying over not reaching the next plateau of your dream. Every successful person was a beginner before they became a pro. It is all about the journey.

For myself, I know that if I want to achieve success with my writing I have to write. To write even when I don’t feel like writing. To set up deadlines so that I can take my dream to the next level.

By staying consistent with your dreams and goals you will see results. Do you want to see results? Then don’t quit.

By quitting you let go of any chance of seeing what might have happened. Imagine what your life might look like if you kept on going? That alone is worth pursuing.

When I first started to learn about archery I did not get a bullseye on my first try. I had to keep on practicing with the basics and then I graduated to the next level. It took time to become better at it.

I am still not considered a professional archer, but in time I hope to compete as an amateur. It is all about putting in the time. Now when I aim I’m pretty much near the center of my target and yes I have gotten a bullseye on more than one occasion.

It took practice and patience for me to see the fruits of my labor. I got to see what I was capable of doing because I didn’t quit.

You hone your skills, get better at it and that is how you make progress. Success is inevitable if you do not stop. So many people fail to see their dream come to life because they gave up too soon.

When things get tough are you more likely to stick it out or resort to quitting?

Depending on what it is you are trying to do you will experience both of these things. I might add more than once too. It can be frustrating at times, but that is all a natural part of the process.

You can still be your best. Go ahead and vent when you need to if it is stressing you out. Doubt and fear are like two best friends. They rely on each other.

Instead try to think of your two best friends as confidence and determination. Keep them in your pocket at all times. You will need them all throughout your own personal journey.

Pep Talk by Terri Savelle Foy

Are you starting to feel like success may be in your future?

It is and will be if you shift your way of thinking. Set up realistic expectations. Gauge where you want to be in the next week, month and year.

Set up a plan of action. Think like a track star and learn how to jump your hurdles of doubt. They are temporary and never permanent obstacles unless you keep them that way.

This is your shot at aiming at your goals with focus and belief. Do the work that you need to do. Remember to enjoy each step, each phase and as many moments that you consider a small win.

Are you ready to jump over your hurdle?

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