In this weeks Ask Lucy segment the question comes from Sonia.

“How do I stay motivated and positive going through a life change such as school? As a mom I can get distracted easily.”

Going back to school is a life change in itself. Especially when you are a mother. As a mother you are always trying to stay on top of things. Depending on how busy you are it can be difficult to stay motivated.

How do you recognize what phase you are in during all of this?

In the initial phase the little things become a nuisance. A few things start to bother you here and there. You try to shrug it off and keep on going regardless.

Phase 2 is when you start to second guess yourself. You take on additional tasks because you feel like you can do it all. You still want to be the best mom ever. Right?

Part of you doesn’t want to be perceived as a quitter either. Staying positive during this phase is a little bit more challenging. Although it’s not impossible.

Find ways to engage in activities that help you de-stress and relax and be in the moment. Get physical by working out. I know when I need to de-stress working out always makes it better.

Look at the things that cause you to be distracted too. Are you spending too much time on less important things? There are plenty of opportunities for other things to suck up your time.

If you find yourself on social media for endless hours instead of focusing on what matters then do it less. Prioritize what needs to be done and what can wait.

When you take the time to recognize that you are in Phase 2 it can be all that you need. It can prevent you from entering Phase 3.

Phase 3 is when you know everything feels like it is too much. Your fears and worries get the best of you. Lets face it due to contrary belief you get scared too. Even though you want to be exempt you are not.

If you find yourself here go back and revisit the things that helped you while in Phase 2. Ways to de-stress, regroup and collect your thoughts. Focus on being more positive again.

Talk to a good friend through it all or a loved one. Find your go to person that will make you feel better. As always I always encourage you to write it down in a notebook.

Write down what you are afraid of, what is causing you to get distracted and what is keeping you from being motivated. You can stay positive by the way you that you think and the things that you tell yourself.

Replace any negative words with positive affirmations about who you are. Think of all of the reasons why you chose to go back to school. Where can you let go of the things that make you feel bad?

What will your reward be when you do finish school?

Are you doing it because you like the challenge? Applaud yourself for making that decision. It takes guts to go back to school once you are a mom.

As a mom you have responsibilities to your family. It is easy to feel like you might be selfish in doing so. Remember though that you are not being selfish.

You are raising the bar for yourself and being an awesome role model for your family. Not only did you decide to do school again, but you are walking the walk.

That is great! Consider the ultimate reward that comes from such a life change. This journey that you are on is for you primarily.

You are the one that is navigating it. If during the process you have to vent then do so and then make yourself move on. Tell fear to take a hike and start embracing the you that you are meant to be.

Tell yourself that you are worth this. Remember to talk it over with your family too. Let them know that this is a big deal for you.

Apologize in advance. Ask them to give you a reality check when you start teetering on the edge. These moments are inevitable.

You won’t always be positive and motivated because you will have to go through the tough times. The tough times will propel you towards your true potential.

Realize that you are human too. Things may not always seem perfect, there will be days when you won’t feel like putting in the time and you will seem grumpy if only for a moment.

Take a deep breath. Release it. Then open up your eyes and smile anyway.

Straighten up your shoulders, look in the mirror, be bold and be fierce. Put your best game changer face on and go on to be the best you that you can be.

Are you ready to do this thing?

If this resonated with you share it with your network of great friends. I appreciate you!

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