My recent trip to Dallas, Texas took me to the Next conference in Plano, Texas. I have wanted to see Terri Savelle Foy in person because she has been very inspirational to me with her podcasts and television broadcast this past year. You can find her at:

I decided to stay where the conference was being held and that was at the Hilton in Granite Park in Plano, Texas. My stay was made even better with all of the wonderful staff there. I don’t think I ran into one single unhappy person during my time there.

When I arrived at the Hilton I was able to use their valet service. When you are anxious to get settled into your room valet parking is a blessing. One of the amenities that I was more than willing to use. It saved me time in looking for a parking space.

What I liked about staying at the Hilton was that I didn’t need to venture far at all. Had I stayed longer I would have gone to the nearby IKEA store too.

What kind of amenities are a must have for you when you travel?

I always look for a place that has a nice restaurant on site and that offers lattes whenever possible. I am most definitely a coffee girl. It doesn’t matter if it is morning, noon or night. I mean doesn’t everybody need coffee?

This Hilton had a nice outdoor pool with a hot tub and a really nice fire pit outside that had seating all around it. It made it nice to be able to sit at different areas and everyone would get their time around the fire.

There were plenty of areas inside to work at and a bar to eat or have cocktails at. There was also access to a 24 hour fitness center. On my second morning there I made it to the gym by 5:00 am and was the only one there.

They had your weight machines, free weights, treadmills and a variety of other options for fitness. Water was available in case you didn’t have your own.

My room was spacious and I immediately fell in love with the bathroom. It was big and the walk in shower impressed me. All of the essentials were at my disposal with a very good brand Peter Thomas Roth.

That alone made me feel special. I felt that I was being taken care of.

Ever been to hotel that made you feel that way?

It’s all about the special touches. When a hotel can incorporate all of that into one pretty package you know it’s a win.

How many times have you recommended a place, a product to someone because you had a memorable experience?

I always ask my circle of friends for recommendations and I am happy to recommend to them my select choices. Another perk at this hotel was the free shuttle service. I decided to check out the area to find a great place to eat at.

The shuttle driver recommended a mexican restaurant nearby called Mexican Sugar at a shopping area called The Shops at Legacy. This area consists of a variety of nice boutiques and restaurants.

The staff at Mexican Sugar made me feel welcome from the minute I walked in. My server was a nice young man who recommended the Pescado (fish) tacos made with red snapper and their blood orange pineapple water drink.

I ended up getting two of them. It was non-alcoholic, however they had a great list of cocktails to choose from. This meal was so delicious and if I was a local I would be visiting this restaurant quite often.

The salsa was unlike no other that I’ve ever had with ten mystery ingredients. It took Tex Mex to a higher level. The ambiance was great whether you chose to eat inside or outside.

Breakfast at the Hilton was really nice at their restaurant called Carso. They had a breakfast buffet to please everyone. I indulged in that and ordered a custom veggie omelette. I had a yogurt with fruit parfait style.

In the evening I decided to try room service and ordered a turkey burger, my favorite San Pellegrino sparkling water and a yummy creme brulee dessert.

The staff at the Hilton helped me with all of my requests for toothpaste, mouthwash and the most important thing: a cup of coffee when I needed it. They won me over simply at the mention of coffee.

Although I did not get to visit the famous Southfork Ranch I did get to see a good friend that lived in the area. Another reason to return in the future.

I would highly recommend this hotel if you are considering visiting Dallas, Texas. I hope that you will love it as much as I did.

What was the most favorite part of your stay at a Hilton hotel?

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