What inspires you with your goals?

There is always a lot of thought that goes into pursuing your goals. You have days where you may have countless energy to pursue them and other days when you don’t. Have you ever felt like you were part of the endless daily grind? You get up, get ready for work and then come home to care for loved ones. Only to do it all over again the next day.

This isn’t saying that a person isn’t grateful for having a daily job or going home to their responsibilities. However if you could stop for a minute and think about where you are now and where you could be; what would you choose?

Would you go after that lifelong dream or goal despite being busy with a daily routine? Or would you let the opportunity pass you by? The beauty of it is that you always have a choice. Being busy raising a family or working a full-time job will still be a big part of your day.

The good news is that there is still room for it all. If you separate everything that you do on a daily basis by priority then you have a starting point. You can then develop a plan of action. When can you carve out some time to work on your goals?

Start simple by writing down your goals in a notebook. If you are more tech oriented and want to use your laptop or tablet then do so. As long as you identify your goals in order to make them visible to you. Think of all of those that have gone before you that started off by making room in their lives for this one goal.

Wishing for bigger things that will have a huge impact on your life will require you to reach out and stretch yourself past your comfortable stage. This prepares you for the amazing opportunities that lie ahead.

The beginning of a new year has a tendency to shake things up a bit. People make resolutions with the hope that they will see the reward in the end. In fact it’s good for your self-esteem. What many don’t foresee are the struggles along the way that they will encounter.

Lacking motivation will hit you like a ton of bricks. It can either be that thing that you meet up with that will knock you down or that will put the fire underneath you to do what needs to be done. It is up to you to decide if you will be more likely to conquer the struggles or let them stop you from completing your goal.

Remember that your goal will start out as a seed. By the time that you invest in it will determine its growth. Ever grow a garden and maintain it? Goals work in a similar way. What would happen to a garden if you only took care of it once in a while? It wouldn’t get the chance to grow.

Depending on what you planted you would see a garden that was almost lifeless. On the other hand imagine a garden that you took great care of. You watered it often, pulled the weeds so that the plants would grow beautifully and you were consistent in maintaining it.

You have two different pictures of a garden right? The garden represents your goals currently. Do yourself a favor and take care of your dreams and goals in the same way you would care for your garden. You can’t expect to have a healthy garden without putting in the sweat and equity that it requires.

What do your goals look like now?

If you have already started rate what kind of garden that you are representing right now. If it’s not full of life implement what is needed to change that. What will it take on your part to put the necessary action into creating the best garden?

You can either change things so that they start working in your favor or you can stop no questions asked. The only one that you have to answer to is yourself. Give yourself permission to get frustrated along the way.

It’s okay when you do. The only thing is to remember that it is only temporary. Don’t quit. Keep on nurturing your goal taking it from a small thought to a huge milestone. You get this one life.

Are you ready to make it count?


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