There is something about preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday. At our house, we have always tried to have the same holiday dishes. Especially the ones that my mother-in-law used to make. Those are the dishes that you can’t help but to make because they always remind you of the times that you celebrated in the past.

Do you make a special recipe on Thanksgiving?

As tiring as it may seem to prep all the food it is worth doing. It’s more about the experience. You get to create special moments together with your spouse, significant other, family or friends. From thawing the turkey to making all your side dishes.

It can get hectic when you are in the process of making something and then forget an important ingredient and must run back to the store. For the record, no one deserves to go to the store right before Thanksgiving. No one.

However, if you absolutely must go there more power to you. I know how it is because I’ve been there and done that. It’s not something that most people like to do, but it is always worth it when your dish comes out yummy and amazing.

What I find nice about making the same dishes year after year is that it becomes a tradition. Our boys have always known what we will be eating. These recipes have become our favorites.

I think they taste even better because a lot of love is poured into making them. My husband is a classic example of doing that with his cooking. Now I see our oldest following down that same culinary path. It is a blessing through and through.

What are you grateful for?

The Thanksgiving holiday makes me appreciate all the little things in life. I reflect on the things that have passed and the things that are happening now. They both almost always have a way of syncing together.

For those of you that have children you can relate to going down memory lane with me. I remember the times that our children used to come home from school with a picture of the things that they were grateful for.

Whether you are married, dating, have kids or not there is always something to be thankful for. Thanksgiving might be the holiday that puts an emphasis on being thankful, but in all honesty, you can capture these moments every day.

How can you get these moments more often?

Tip #1 is to pay attention to the moment that you are in. Who is competing for your attention? Look at the things that you are paying attention to and the things that you are not.

Tip #2 Make it a point to look for ways to create these special moments. Think of ways to incorporate them in to each day. Special moments do not have to cost a lot of money. In fact, some of my most precious memories are ones that didn’t even cost a dime.

Tip #3 Be a giver. Think of ways to give back to those that want those special times with you. What you  end up creating is a memory that will last a lifetime. If distance separates you find a way to connect whether by a phone call or a visit if it’s feasible.

I know I am looking forward to our traditional recipes this year, but also to making some healthier side dishes and maybe a new dessert. I’ve already asked and am paying attention.

pumpkin-lattes-3See how I have weaved one special moment into our Thanksgiving holiday?

Holidays are always an opportunity to create those special memories. As time passes I like to reflect on how many of those I have experienced with my loved ones.

Following traditions are a good way to connect with one another. As children get older some of those traditions can evolve into other things depending on their age. Either way it is still fun to do.

What are some new traditions that you wish to make this holiday season?

Do you talk about the things that you are thankful for during your holiday meal? How do you express this with your friends and family? Each moment spent with the people who you love or you enjoy spending time with is a blessing.

These are the times that you cherish the most. As children grow and become adults with families of their own traditions tend to change. Think of how this happens over time. They create memories with new people.

Are you paying attention to these special moments?

It doesn’t matter how old that you get being thankful for the times that you have shared ends up becoming priceless. You try not to take things for granted. It’s a matter of simply being in the moment.

This Thanksgiving think about the place that you want to be in. Take a minute to pause, to reflect on times that have passed, to remember loved ones no longer with us and to enjoy the people who are in your moment now.

Eat the turkey, all the fixings that make up your holiday meal and let it leave you fulfilled as much as it possibly can. Take that after dinner walk. Hand in hand with that special individual in your life. Let it bring a tender smile to your face and those around you.

Doesn’t it make you want to create your special moment now?

  • One thing I am vowing to do more often is to put my phone down during special moments. I had dinner with a friend of mine on Friday and the meal was so beautiful that I wanted to snap pictures, use Snapchat, etc. I chose not to though because I was more interested in savoring the moment and really seeing how my friend was doing. I’m hoping to do the same thing on Thanksgiving and truly learn to value the moment.

    • LulaLucy

      I love that Ashley! That is so nice and people truly appreciate you for doing those things. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving;)

  • Love these tips! It’s so important to be mindful and thankful every day. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    • LulaLucy

      You’re welcome Traci! Thank you for reading it;)

  • Thanks for the reminder of what Thanksgiving is all about! I feel like we lose some of the moments because of all the hustle for sales surrounding it. Your tips are well said.

    • LulaLucy

      You are so welcome! I appreciate your kind words;) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I agree with you to stay in the moment. This is the 2nd Thanksgiving without my dad and I often think about what I should have done while he was alive. He always enjoyed the holidays.

    • LulaLucy

      Melissa what you did in the past was enough for all of those years. I hope that this Thanksgiving you will create even more wonderful memories with your family;)

  • Liz

    It’s so important to be thankful every day 🙂 One of the reasons why I love hiking and backpacking around the holidays is it forces you to unplug and be present in the moment and appreciate the people you’re with 🙂

    • LulaLucy

      Liz that is so true. I love nature especially when it is cool out to go hiking;) Good for you and keep enjoying those moments.

  • logan ward

    Great reading about this! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving and these reminders will make it that much more special

    • LulaLucy

      Logan thank you so much! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Lee

    What great tips! It is always important to live in the moment.
    xo, Lee

    • LulaLucy

      Thank you so much! Have a wonderful holiday!

  • yes! I am really trying to get ALL of my work done by wednesday afternoon so i can “check out” and shut off technology for the most part for the holidays and just relax and be present with family!

    • LulaLucy

      That’s awesome Molly;) Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!