Ever make a trip to your hometown to see how it’s changed?

That’s the beauty of taking a spontaneous trip for the fun of it. However, I have a confession to make. I go to my hometown to catch up with friends and to see family.

I went back to my hometown in Ohio and was happy to see some updated changes. I used to go to a coffee café called Davinci’s. Now it has changed ownership and is called Down Thyme Café.

No matter what coffee café that you go to always ask what the current most favorite drink is. In my case the ever so popular Pumpkin Spice Latte had made its debut.

The cool thing about this one though was that they actually mix it with pumpkin puree. The barista made sure that I knew that ahead of time. As if I would have said no. Hello! Not me!

As some of you know I am a big fan of coffee. Regular coffee, flavored coffee and lattes too.

I mean what is not to love, right?


One thing people know about me is that when I do things I always try to find meaning in them. This café is meaningful to me because of the history I have shared with it.

When I first got started writing a column for the local paper this was a place I would knock out an article at. There would be all kinds of hustle and bustle, but that always was part of its ambiance.

Noise was never a big deal to me. I’m a people person so that made it all the better.

You know when you’re in your element and no matter what you still remain focused. Well that’s me. Cars can be driving by too when I am sitting outside, but I still manage to hang on to my muse. It’s an awesome feeling.

Do you have a place that you like to go back to?

Here is my ritual when it comes to writing. I take out my notebook, grab a pen that writes well and then let the words spill on to the paper. I try to do my best the first time so that I don’t have to edit much later.

What is your routine?

Everybody has a certain way of doing things. It’s that one thing that you can call your own. Something that is unique to you.

I remember when I would hear of other writers that always asked for a special pen for their book signings. I never quite understood that until I started writing. A good pen makes all the difference in the world.

When you commit to doing your best, it requires you to invest in all of the little things that will make that happen. If you are already in it to produce excellence why not be all the way in?

Going back to my hometown was a great feeling. It was as if I had never left. I went back to my original writing café.

It is any coffee lovers haven without a doubt. As was evident when I went back to NC with 2 pounds of their signature Caribbean Nights coffee.

So for now I’ll sit back and reminisce about my earlier days of writing way back when. Sitting at a table notebook in hand and letting my muse lead the way.

  • Lesley Newbern

    I love this! Did you know that my father used to own an actual pen shop in San Francisco back in the day? True story. So many times to remember when my pen always seems to run out at the worst possible time! Good point to think on. Needing a new pen as well as a good trip back to my hometown in Cali=)

    • LulaLucy

      Thank you so much Leslie! I didn’t know that, but how great is that? I would love to go to a pen shop. There is something truly magical in finding the right pen that is made for you. That sounds like a fun time and a good reason to visit your hometown. Go for it!