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Scheduling Me Time Essential For Your Well Being

Finding me time on your schedule doesn’t have to be hard. Over the years I have learned that it is absolutely okay to do you. Long ago I would have thought that going to get a massage was a selfish thing to get, but now I’m in a place where I understand it’s benefits more clearly.

It’s therapeutic to say the least. Go ahead and schedule that time. Now in order to get the time that you deserve there are things to consider.

Do you have any children?

If so then finding someone who can take care of them is the first thing that you should do. Unless your spouse is willing to take care of the children for you. Either way, if your children are little; secure a sitter. Once you get this task done you can go onto the next step.

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Take A Leap With Your Dream

Have you ever felt the pull of the tide in the ocean?

One minute you are floating in the water and the next you are further out than you anticipated. When you embark on your journey to achieve your dream it can take you to the next phase quickly. When it does will you be ready?

I’m talking about being prepared for the things that are being placed in front of you. Maybe you thought it would take longer to get to the next level. Planning for the things that you are expecting in the future will set you up for success.

It will also help if it doesn’t take you by surprise. When you are caught off guard it throws you off-balance. This can also complicate things on your end. If you are lucky enough to be seeing the success that comes with this movement than preparation is key.

Can you imagine what the scenario would be like if you didn’t plan for it?

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Your Goals Require Action

What inspires you with your goals?

There is always a lot of thought that goes into pursuing your goals. You have days where you may have countless energy to pursue them and other days when you don’t. Have you ever felt like you were part of the endless daily grind? You get up, get ready for work and then come home to care for loved ones. Only to do it all over again the next day.

This isn’t saying that a person isn’t grateful for having a daily job or going home to their responsibilities. However if you could stop for a minute and think about where you are now and where you could be; what would you choose?

Would you go after that lifelong dream or goal despite being busy with a daily routine? Or would you let the opportunity pass you by? The beauty of it is that you always have a choice. Being busy raising a family or working a full-time job will still be a big part of your day.

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Letting Go of Inhibitions Boosts Confidence

Ever read up on ways that you can enhance yourself?

Pick up any magazine and there will always be articles on things that can make you look better. Whether it is a hot new hair color, a sexy outfit or the latest beauty fad. Recently I was catching up on social media and noticed a picture of getting New Years Eve ready by getting a spray tan.

As a teen I grew up when tanning salons and laying outside in the sun were all the rage. I grew into becoming a woman and that all changed. Taking care of your skin became a priority.

Have you tried taking better care of your skin?

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The Year I Dusted Off My Dream

Do you know what it’s like to pick up your dream again?

I do. You see I started writing when I was a teenager. I would write poetry for myself. It was my way of getting away from the realities of life.

I must admit I would write when I was sad about something. People have their own way of venting and expressing themselves and for me it was through writing.

There was something about putting pen to paper and letting the words find each other artistically. I did it for years. It’s amazing the things that you can do when you simply begin.

I wrote for free for a few years until I landed a freelance job as a columnist for a newspaper in Ohio. I loved it and then got published in a couple of books.

Have you ever felt on top of the world?

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Doing a Good Deed

Ever feel compelled to do something nice for someone?

During this time of year, it’s common to want to help our fellow-man. It is a season for giving and thinking of others. The holiday has a way of bringing out the best in all of us.

Pay attention to what is going on around you each day. You will almost always encounter a good deed taking place. It might be someone holding the door open for you or someone else. Perhaps it will be allowing a person to take the parking spot that you wanted.

When was the last time that you had a feel-good moment?

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Being Intentional With Your Dream

Are you in control of your dream on a daily basis?

Embarking on the journey towards your dream means that you must also add discipline. When you first start off on your journey you experience star struck wonder. You are in a land like no other totally fascinated with all of the amazing possibilities.

You can still have all of these things, but in order to grow, self-discipline is a must.

I’d like to share some tips that will help you stay focused with intention while going after your dream.

Do you need self-discipline?

When you are going after your dream you must get serious and really have a plan of action. If you are not strategic about this then things get lost along the way. Those things could be inspiration and motivation.

The most helpful thing that you can get is a planner. A hard copy always works best. Don’t forget the cool apps that you can use on your phone. is a great choice to help keep you on track. The sticky notes on your tablet or laptop are helpful too.

Do you have some favorite apps that are tech savvy for you?

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Dreamers in Motion with Linda Mendible

With my Dreamers in Motion column I interview some amazing people who are pursuing their passion. I hope to keep you all inspired with the people who I’m putting under the spotlight.

I think everyone deserves their moment to shine.

Q. Who is Linda Mendible?

Wow, what a question. Currently? A wife, mom & small biz owner/blogger, but most importantly a Christian.

Q. When did you know that you wanted to pursue your dream?

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Musical Talent at Sola Coffee Cafe

Ever work at a job where you enjoyed doing what you love?

When you are a singer/songwriter and you work at the best coffee café ever it happens. Recently, I had the pleasure of going to Sola Coffee Café in Raleigh, NC. This is my go to place whether it is day or night. It’s all about the ambiance and the people who make it that way.

Being an employee there must have its perks. Having the opportunity to work for an amazing company is a win. It’s what you do. Then playing a gig at your job is a bonus.

Take a young musician named Colin Leonard. He attended college in Texas before moving to North Carolina. Now that is what you call a Creative with determination.

Sola Coffee Café is a place that I discovered over the summer. Funny because it was about the time that I was starting to pursue my dream. That being continuing with my writing that I’ve been doing for so many years. Read More

Be Happier When You Stop Being The Yes Girl

Ever felt like you can’t ever catch up?

You know the times when you are running non-stop with that to do list. It is so easy to feel as if you are being pulled in so many directions.

Ever been on a merry-go-round?


That is the feeling that I’m talking about. When you are looking for that perfect moment to try to jump off, but are unsure. Well life is kind of like that.

Have you ever felt like you were ready to jump off of it?

There are so many things in our daily lives that require our undivided attention. Whether that is our 9-5 job, our children or any other demands that we call life. All things that are important at any given time.

What do you do about it when it becomes overwhelming?

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