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Athletic Wear for the Gym and Adventure

When I decided to go to TreeRunner Adventure Park in Raleigh, NC I wanted to make sure that I would be comfortable. Being prepared to climb and use the strength in your body requires comfort and reliability.

I chose this outfit because I liked the colors and I liked the way that it fit on me. Plus, TJMaxx had some great deals that I couldn’t pass up on. Here are some of the brands that I bought: Balance Collection, Reebok, and Lorna Jane.

fitness top
Lorna Jane top. Photo by Linda Mendible

My Reebok sports bra was a great fit and I am a sucker for anything black with this go to item.

When I saw these capri leggings, I knew they had my name all over them. Super cute print and they allowed me to move around freely. Not only could I use them for my outdoor adventures, but they are great for the gym too.

My whole outfit geared for adventure.

The contrast in the print with the leggings got my attention right away. I figured why not make it fun right? I could imagine all the other cute tops that would match them.

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Aerial Fun With TreeRunner Adventure Park

Have you had to confront your biggest fear yet?

I have always admired people who can go on rope courses and who can go zip lining. It takes a certain level of bravery to do that. Personally, I have had a fear of heights ever since I can remember.

It took me quite some time to even attempt getting on a plane. However, if I ever wanted to get anywhere I knew that I had to get used to it. Over the years I noticed I’m not quite the thrill seeker when it comes to certain rollercoasters either.

That was teenage life. When you lived life without fear. It was easier to do those kind of things way back then.

I met Amanda McClellan at the Southern Womens Show and she told me about Treerunner Adventure opening up in the summer. She invited me to come out and give it a try sometime.

Here are some facts about me. I’m afraid of heights, but I still ride rollercoasters and have taken a helicopter ride. I love both. However, I don’t try to go to the third floor at my job unless I have to. If I do then I walk up the steps on the wall side versus the rail side.

Sounds weird right?

Meeting Amanda must have been fate because the next thing I knew we were collaborating and setting it up on our calendars. I recruited my business bestie Linda Mendible to shoot my pics.

Treerunner Adventure Park is located at 12804 Norwood Rd. in Raleigh, NC. It was super easy to get to and a short drive for me to get there. I scheduled my visit in the morning and was fortunate to have two other ladies in my group Beverly and Lee. It was their first time too.

We were introduced to Cole Whittaker who took us through the basics of the equipment and a mini rope course. The clips attached to my lanyard were a little tricky at first. After a few tries it got easier. The good news is that everyone gets to practice before they attempt the real course.

Did I mention that this whole time I was stepping out of my comfort zone?

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Finish Your Own Race

There is so much advice on the ways that will help you accomplish your goals. You can google information at a click of a button. It is always at your disposal.

I have read some great articles on honing your craft in writing, blogging, marketing, fitness, business and archery too. Who doesn’t want to improve and become their best?

Reading these type of articles or posts is a learning experience. I have learned that my dreams and goals are unique to me. Do I yearn for getting to “peach gang” status with my glutes someday or becoming a New York Times best-selling author?

I would love that, but in the meantime I am accountable for myself and in the way that I get there. Although it is easy to enter the comparison game it doesn’t have to be a competition.

Imagine a marathon runner. Who are they running for? Many times it is for a special event, but deep down they are running for themselves. To get to the end of the road on their own.

Marathon runners put in the work, the sweat and the time. They prep in advance by dedicating all that it takes. To ensure that they will be their absolute best on the day of their marathon.

Does everyone finish first?

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Slowing Down Enough To Be Grateful

Ever wake up to a new day in a frenzy?

You immediately think of every task that you need to accomplish. I can promise you that there will always be laundry to do, dishes to wash or errands to run.

How do you find time to be grateful for the small things though?

You have to remember to be present in the moment. Ever have a conversation with someone and not remember anything that they said? Or picture that reversed.

When has that happened to you?

We live in a world where we are constantly in a hurry. To get to the next thing on our lists of things that should get done. When we live in this state of mind that is when we miss out on the small things.

The small things really aren’t all that little if you think about it. They are usually the moments that we encounter with those that we love. They are opportunities of happy living that can either fall in our lap or fall out of our grasp if we aren’t paying attention.

Chances where we can create meaningful memories. Think of your life as a scrapbook. Each space on the page can represent a special moment.

What do your pages look like?

Remember that your pages will include times that might not make you feel grateful. How do you put yourself in a place where you can express gratitude?

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Getting Out of Your Own Way

Ever find a roadblock on the road?

Usually there will be a detour that isn’t the most convenient, but you take it nonetheless. Roadblocks come up in your journey too. That dream or goal of yours doesn’t go away because of a little roadblock.

How do you identify the roadblocks within your dream?

The biggest one that you will have is yourself. How is that even possible right? If you avoid the things that you are afraid of doing then you end up quitting. That right there is what should scare you the most.

Can you imagine not following your passion because you were too afraid to?

Not me, not even for a minute. Over the years I have been quite the procrastinator. I used to be the one that only wrote when I felt like it. I’d wait around for my muse the same way one waits to see the next rainbow.

Over the past year I have learned that my biggest roadblock has been me. Hard to admit that in public, but this is a place where I have to be honest. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing.

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Ways To Provide Summer Learning Fun

Pretty soon the kids will be out for summer fun. Are you ready to have them continue learning throughout their time off? It is a great time to keep them engaged in learning if you prep ahead of time.

The local library was always a great way for my kids to read over the summer. They had the chance to participate in a summer contest and earn a trophy. If you were a kid and you wanted to win that trophy you ended up reading and fulfilling the required time that it took.

You see summer has its perks. There are plenty of learning opportunities if you find out what is available. Ask other moms to see where they have gone or plan on going to. If you live in an area close to museums look into that also.

Our hometown in Ohio happened to include the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes. It was great to be able to walk on the property and visit the museum there. A part of history that we were fortunate enough to learn about. Spiegel Grove as it is known will always hold some fond memories.

We live in an age of high technology. Technology is great, but disconnecting for a little bit is good too. Revert to the ways in how things used to be. Let your kids get outdoors and get dirty. Know the best times to include technology.

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Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

Ever feel like you were the luckiest to have your mom as your best friend?

I read about this topic all of the time. Most of the time it has to do with younger kids and that a mom shouldn’t be your best friend. However, when you’re an adult as I am, then I cherish that additional title for my mom. She truly is my biggest fan.

You see without her where would I truly be today. In this very moment. Would I have the desire to pursue my dreams in the way that I have? To marry when I did and start a family too? I don’t think so.

My mom has been so influential and supportive all of my life. That is why I truly feel lucky. To have a relationship of such understanding and meaning with her.

Mothers have the pleasure of raising their children and guiding them each step of the way. It’s part of their role in helping us find our way. I’m forever grateful to her for that.

I hold many memories of my mom. She has this incredible sense of humor and she makes small talk wherever she goes. The gift of gab is her specialty and any stranger that she talks with will feel they have known her for a long time.

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Stages of Motherhood Are Bittersweet

Becoming a mother comes with so many different stages. For nine long months you are responsible for carrying a new life inside of you. That is definitely a big deal.

When your child enters the world for the first time it is a bittersweet moment. With both of our boys I remember feeling like that. I was excited during each pregnancy and then it was time for our kids to enter our world.

In the beginning it was such a mystery on how to care for each of our boys. They are six years apart so each birth came with some new experiences. Ever hear of “mom brain?”

That’s when you forget everything including how you took care of your first child. No, not really, but it certainly feels that way. Eventually instinct kicks in and you remember how to do it all.

It is easy for me to reminisce about my mom moments because honestly I’ve had many. I remember the first day of kindergarten for our oldest as I do the youngest. They were both so little.

Watching our oldest ride the school bus for the first time is hard to describe. Part of me wanted to go back and get him and take him to school myself. The school was well within a short drive away, but nevertheless that was me trying to hold on still.

Photo by Pixabay

I have many friends that still have babies, toddlers and elementary school aged children. As a mother of older kids I wanted to share my experiences as a mom. Hopefully, it will help those that haven’t gone through these stages yet.

I remember being pregnant with our second son and wondering if his older brother would feel neglected. As a mom you go into protection mode. You want the absolute best for your children.

Think you won’t have enough love for more than one child?

You always have enough love for each child. You all learn to adapt to a bigger family. It brings along so many good times as a family.

Being a mother or a father means so many things. You are the one that they go to when they are hurting or when they simply need you. You are who they always ask when they want to know something that they don’t understand.

It’s like you are that reference book that you find on a bookshelf. It’s always at your disposal. You keep your answers ready to go in your mental compartments.

Those compartments are where you store vital information. It’s like that important note that you put in your back pocket. If you don’t know then you find the answer the best way that you know how.

When my kids entered elementary school it was a time to help them with homework, projects and going on the occasional field trip. There were the times to plan for an upcoming birthday. Making sure that you sent them to school with lunch money.

Doing last-minute holiday shopping for that gift that was hard to find because we didn’t get it in advance. Why did it always have to be the most wanted gift of the season?

Have you ever been on a quest looking for that popular gift?

I’ve been there and done that. Would I do it all over again? Of course I would because it meant something. It wasn’t about spoiling our children either, but being happy in that moment together. Seeing the joy that it brought to their face.

There were the times of watching our boys participate in different sports too. I learned about them as they played them. It was a learning curve for me because I didn’t always know all the rules.

There are so many memorable times for me and our kids that I couldn’t be happier. You see as parents you are always trying to figure out what works. Some ways work better than others, but you always do what is right for all of you. At least to the best of your ability.

On top of that try having a full-time job and being a parent. It is a lot of work, but not impossible though. I can say that my house was lived in. A lot of times it wasn’t the prettiest. Guess what there is plenty of mom shame there.

Did that make me a bad mother though?

Of course not. Would I have liked to have had an immaculate house? Yes, absolutely, but I was also realistic.

Many times so many of us as mothers are put through mom shame if we don’t have everything in order or a nice hot meal on the table. The house is a place where all can pitch in. It all starts with the decision you make when you decide for them to learn that.

What did I learn?

I learned that I should have delegated more when I was a younger mother. With my whole family. That it is not all up to me. I’m starting to do that more now.

Guess what?

There is no mom shame about that either. For so many years I’ve tried to do it all. I never did reach that level of perfect either. In fact I wasn’t even close. However, now as an older, but wiser mother I’ve learned about having more balance. That it is okay to hire a cleaning lady every once in a while and that I’m still considered an awesome mom.

Want to know what I gained from that?

I gained mom moments that I will forever treasure in my heart. They left an imprint on my soul. Those moments of joy that you wouldn’t trade for all of the money in the world.

There were family trips that were taken to different places and to familiar places throughout the years. Easter egg hunts, miniature golf, amusement parks and the traditional trip to the local park. Catching fireflies at our country home in Ohio on beautiful summer nights.

I went through different seasons of trying to protect our kids from falling and getting hurt. Then came the time when our oldest son graduated from high school and enrolled in college. Now our youngest son received his driver’s license.

Those fears, those insecurities all coming up to the surface once again. One part of you is so happy that they succeeded getting their license and the other part of you is sad that they won’t need you as much.

Photo by Pixabay

Did I mention it’s hard being a mom?

It is, but it is also trusting that everything will work out the way that it is supposed to. That you can’t protect your kids from every single thing and some things they will have to learn on their own. Part of you goes through the motions of having to let go of that apron string. Little by little and over time.

Welcome to parenthood. I don’t know what it feels like to be an empty nester. At least not yet. If I could slow down time I would do it in a heartbeat.

That is the selfish me talking though. Deep down I know that our kids have to learn about life lessons on their own. That we are here as parents to guide them. Our children have the responsibility of navigating their path based on what we have taught them.

It’s okay to let go of those apron strings. Each stage of their life has been monumental. No matter what ages our children are at we will still be here for them. As we always have been. I have comfort knowing that.

There are so many more mom moments ahead of me. They started the first time that I looked into our kids eyes when they were born. Those same eyes have grown with the years. Each of our boys reaching their very own milestones with the passing years.

So many things await them. Some we can guide and control and other things we will not. We will pass the torch onto them when they begin their own families. The same way that ours did for us as new parents.

Remember to be in the moment this Mothers Day if you are given the chance. Dishes may have to wait or that long list of chores too. Regardless, let go of any mom shame and go enjoy this lovely thing we call parenthood. Live guilt free if even for a moment.

Feel free to share this with a friend if it inspired you and as always thank you.

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Ways To Avoid Buyers Remorse

Ever purchase a car or big-ticket item then feel that you made a bad decision?

There are some things to look for before finding a car dealership. Try shopping local first. Ask your friends and family if they can recommend a place or salesperson.

Word of mouth goes a long way. It has always been my number one choice whenever possible. If a friend or coworker has had a positive sales experience ask for the name of the person that helped them.

That is exactly how I came across Hendrick of Southpoint in Durham, North Carolina. I took the advice of a coworker and came out with a sports car of my choice.

Each step of the process was positive and the customer service was exceptional from start to finish. Their finance department was great too. When I walked out of that dealership I knew that I had made a great decision.

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Making The Best Out Of Girl Time

Ever find yourself wishing for girl time with your friends?

If you are like me you have more than one best friend. We get so caught up in our daily routines that we neglect making time for our friends. Not on purpose, but because we lead busy lives.

Some of my most memorable times have been with my friends. Getting together with them always means having a good time and making new memories with each other. It’s a time where you can be yourself, talk about your dreams, goals, daily life, kids, family and so much more.

My friends have made it to my inner circle and are a part of my tribe. Your tribe consists of the friends that have your back no matter what. When your life falls apart they are there. When your life is going great they continue to lift you up.

It’s important for you to look at making time to hang out. Never rule out the power of a quick hello on the phone, but meeting in person helps a lot too.

How do you make the effort to get together then?

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