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Ask Lucy

In this weeks Ask Lucy segment the question comes from Amy.

“What would you say to a young mother in making the decision between staying at home with her child or pursuing her ambitions? On one hand, I feel as though they are only young once and this is a once in a lifetime chance to capture the moment. On the other hand, this is such a short time that goes by so quickly; but perhaps teaching them how to pursue their own dreams is a reward in itself?”

Oh I love this question! It is so easy to be torn with this. Our boys are older now. High school and college so it does make me reflect on my own experiences.

I would tell you to go for it! Children are only young once and this is true. It’s a fact, but going after your dream is equally important. It doesn’t make you a bad mother for pursuing what you love.

I have often reflected on what it would have been like to pursue my passion as a writer years ago. I mean fully followed my gut without fear. I don’t regret the days of my work experiences or the times I was a stay home mom.

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The 5 Phases Of Pursuing Your Dream

Have you ever had a dream or huge goal that scared you?

A dream worth chasing, but that looked absolutely intimidating. Enough that you’d rather hide underneath a rock instead of going for it. If you answered yes then you are not alone.

In the first phase of starting your dream you experience a high amount of energy initially. You feel like it’s too good to be true. You are on cloud nine all the way.

Is this too good to be true?

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Ask Lucy

In this weeks Ask Lucy segment the question comes from Vanessa.

“What would cause a person to want to have a friendship with the opposite sex and is a friendship really what they are looking for?”

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. We all have them. There are some friendships that stem from childhood that we hold on to for dear life.

Most are with the same-sex and every so often some great friendships might be with the opposite sex. For myself mine have always been with my girlfriends.

Not all friendships with the opposite sex mean that it is something to be worried about. However, if you are married or in a committed relationship then it’s important to be respectful of your spouses feelings.

It doesn’t have anything to do with insecurities. I’ll use myself as an example. Here is my take on it.

I would not like my husband to have a close relationship with another female. I’m fairly certain he would feel the same way about me. It is about giving that kind of attention to each other not to someone else.

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Getting In Tune With Your Calling

Ever take a minute to hear your own inner voice?

It’s similar to that one that you heard when you were a child. Sound familiar? You hear it from time to time if you pause long enough to listen. Your calling takes up residence inside of you.

It isn’t always easy to recognize either. That kid in you never leaves. You carry that inner child for life.

It is also the one that allowed you to imagine what you could be some day. That impossible dream that always seemed so far out of reach.

Do you remember yearning for it?

Now you’re older and have acquired more wisdom. Yet you are still on the edge of the pier with your toes dabbling in the water right? It is such a comfortable place to be in.

No worries here, nothing to be afraid of either. If you only put your toes in you don’t have to work hard. You get to continue to dream and imagine all of the “what if’s.”

Let’s not forget taking risks. Sitting on the edge of that beautiful pier overlooking the water is the safe zone. By staying here you partner up with procrastination.

So how do you get in tune with your calling?

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Ask Lucy

In this weeks Ask Lucy segment the question comes from Sonia.

How do you handle a breaking relationship? I have had someone be a part of my life since before I can remember. This person has been like a sister to me who has stood by me through the good times and the bad. Life has taken us in different directions on the globe, but I still try to keep a strong bond through social media or by calling her. This “friend” no longer calls, texts or responds through social media posts, but has time for everyone else. We had a heart to heart because I needed her and was left to deal with a life changing event alone. I tried to look past this, but see no change on her end. Should I call a spade a spade and walk away with my memories or continue to be that friend who will have her back no matter what?

This is a problem that comes up every now and then for reasons we don’t always understand. Time has a way of dividing the best of friendships. In this case it sounds like there is something beneath the surface.

When did you first notice that your friendship was taking a turn?

Throughout friendships there are other circumstances that come up that may not have anything to do with the friendship itself. If one friend is having a difficult time in their life they may hold back.

Another reason is what is otherwise known as the green-eyed monster: jealousy. It can be an ugly thing that causes havoc along the way. Friends can become jealous when they are going through a sad time in their life.

Your friend may feel like she should be getting the great things that you might be getting. This leads to resentment and may cause her to shut down. Finding out why she has changed her behavior towards you is the first thing to do.

Have you asked her if you have done something to offend her?

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Deciding To Get Fit When You Are Busy

How do you squeeze in fitness when you have a busy life?

You know the drill you jump on the hamster wheel day in and day out. When could you possibly find room for fitness? If you are like some people by the end of the day all that you want to do is relax.

You have to decide if you will make time to get fit. Look for a time that you can work out whether it is in the morning or in the evening.

Determine if you are an early riser or if you would rather work out in the evenings. Personally I have always been a gal that prefers evening workouts. However, I started incorporating an early routine.

I have to admit it was tough to get up earlier than usual. I did it because I have always read it is important to have a morning routine. If that is the way successful people do it then I’m in.

Keep in mind to each their own. It’s whatever works out for you. Having a morning routine whether it is fitness, reading, meditating or whatever you choose to do regularly does increase your success level.

It adds to becoming disciplined daily. I know it has worked for me when I can wake up on my own without the alarm going off first. You are resetting your internal clock by the good habits that you implement.

Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s really a matter of choosing to incorporate it into your life. There are so many choices out there when you are ready to get fit.

Are you a person that likes to work out solo or do you need the social piece of a gym?

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Ask Lucy

In this weeks Ask Lucy segment the question comes from Maria.

“How can a person love oneself before loving others?”

This is such a great question. It is one that so many people encounter at one point or another depending on the things that they have gone through. Let’s peel the layers on this one.

Self-love isn’t always easy to give to yourself especially when life has taken you through some hardships. Bad things happen to good people and as a result your ability to give love to others suffers.

Holding on to the negative baggage that you went through belongs in one place: the trashcan. This negative bond holds on to you like the gum on your shoe. Like that gum the baggage can be removed.

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Conferences Provide Opportunity For Personal Development

Imagine getting to see a person of influence while pursuing your dreams in real life. Have you ever had that kind of experience? Attending the Next conference in Plano, Texas was the best investment that I’ve made this year.

Terri Savelle Foy was just as nice, funny and beautiful in person as she is on her television broadcast, YouTube channel and podcast.

I was introduced to her podcast when I first reignited my journey towards my dream in 2016. I immediately was drawn to her positivity and her motivational talks. Going after what you are meant to do is easier when you have a virtual mentor.

Conferences provide a chance to engage in personal development. You get to decide the kind of conference that best suits your needs.

How do you choose the conference that is right for you?

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Ask Lucy

In this weeks Ask Lucy segment the question comes from Evelyn.

“You have been a real inspiration to me as I watch you pursue your dreams. What advice can you offer to somebody who has ambition to pursue an alternate career, but is hesitant to take that “leap of faith” for fear of the unknown?”

I really love this question because it is something that I am really passionate about. Ambition is a powerful tool if you use it to your advantage. I have found that when you decide, that is the game changer.

At some point or another people usually want to change careers. It’s normal to go through. Ask yourself why you are hesitant to take that leap of faith.

What are you afraid of besides the unknown?

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Marriage Woes Demystified

Ever felt the need to talk about keeping the love alive in your marriage?

Love is an emotion that evokes bliss, awe, wonder and sometimes havoc in our lives. To define love would take a long time for some and yet for others be explained in such a short span of time.

Where are you at in your relationship with love?

Love can be complicated, but it can also be so wonderful. In the beginning, there is the infamous honeymoon stage. This is where you really want to impress each other.

It’s that comfy space where you feel safe. There is no room for insecurities here. This is the place where you feel like impressing the other person.

What comes after the engagement phase?

Ah, here is the promise to commit to one another in the future. You get even more comfortable. Excitement enters the air as you plan the next phase of your new life together.

I mean who wouldn’t get excited about something like that?

Then the big day arrives and you officially tie the knot. You’re married now. You start to live happily ever after.

Does it really happen like this?

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